Tips for 3D Printing Jewelery Designs

Modern jewelry design can greatly benefit from advances in 3D printing technology. 3D printing can help you reduce material costs, iterate on your jewelry designs more quickly, and assess more accurate models to ultimately make more better pieces. The two main ways we recommend jewelery designers leverage 3D printing technology are: 3D print models of […]


Hardware and Pancakes with Nebia

At our recent Pancakes + Hardware event, Gabe Parisi-Amon, CTO at Nebia, shared product development insights on the wildly popular shower head that caught fire on Kickstarter. The pancakes were also a hit (but thankfully not on fire) and engineers had a great opportunity to connect with Gabe and his Co-founder Phil since Nebia is hiring. Read on for […]


Compensation Guidelines for Industrial Design Consultants

Industrial Design consulting work is a great way to maintain personal flexibility and build a wide variety of skills, but it can be hard to know how to get started. Of the many things to learn along the way, figuring out how much to charge for your work is a good place to start. Here’s a […]


Defining Lean Hardware Development [VIDEO]

We hear the terms “lean product development” and “hardware revolution” thrown around as descriptors for the future of hardware, but what do those ambitious labels really mean? We asked four hardware startups, in the midst of it all, to define exactly what “lean” means to them and how it influences the way they develop hardware […]


What Every Startup Needs to Know About Accelerator Programs

Guide for startups on how to get the most out of hardware accelerator programs.


5 Amazing Uses of 3D Printing to Further Medical Advancements

Now that 3D printing is a more developed technology, the advantages it offers in the mechanical world are vast. But the power of 3D printing isn’t limited to building car parts and iPhone cases. When its vast capabilities of personalization and customization are applied to the medical field, the results are continuously pushing boundaries. From […]