Engineering Tips from the Director of Program Management at Igor Institute

In this edition of Engineering Heroes, we sat down with Kathy Fedirchuk, Director of Program Management at Igor Institute. During our conversation, we talked about overcoming the challenges of new product introduction during COVID, the importance of setting clear expectations with internal teams and suppliers, and the advantages of using a form template to facilitate […]


2021 State of Manufacturing Insights: Winning with Analytics, Automation and Innovation

We create Fictiv’s annual State of Manufacturing report to gain insight into the current trends, goals and concerns in the industry. In 2021, our survey of hundreds of manufacturing executives showed that driving supply chain resilience and new product introduction (NPI) are keys to success in a post-COVID world.  Because these topics are at the […]


2021 State of Manufacturing Report

Discover insights from a survey of over 200 senior manufacturing decision makers.


How Communities Are Learning To Stop Worrying And Love Robotics

Robotics stands out as one of the fields where both innovation and adoption will benefit most from the aftermath of the pandemic.


The Digital Transformation of Wellness and Healthcare: Lessons Learned in the Pandemic

There is no doubt that healthcare has been center stage in 2020, and for good reason, but what has the role of technology been and how can technology help to manage the current crisis and improve health and wellness in the future?


CES 2021: Top 6 Tech Trends to Watch This Year

Learn about the top tech trends to look out for in 2021, from the CES opening keynote, "Tech Trends to Watch" with CTA Vice President of Research Steve Koenig.


3 Ways AI Will Transform Innovation and Make Businesses Smarter in 2021 and Beyond

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most powerful General Purpose Technology underlying many of the exciting new developments and products unveiled at CES 2021. Bridget Karlin, IBM’s CTO and VP, talks about the “new possible” of AI, and promises that “AI changes everything”. The dedicated session on “The Power of AI” was packed with insights applicable […]


Sourcing High-Quality Parts from Overseas, Without the Risk

Our most recent webinar focused on how to source high-quality parts from overseas, without the risk. Fictiv team members Jeanette Zhang, Head of Overseas Fulfillment; Andy Sherman, Director of Global Supply Chain; Ricardo Ortiz, International Logistics Lead; and David Woodward, Director of Quality, answered questions and shared their insights and advice on overseas manufacturing advantages […]


On Demand

The Economic Impact of Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems

One thing is clear from the past 6 months: Manufacturing as we know it must change. In the wake of severe supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19, on the heels of a trade war with China, OEMs are seeking alternatives to the old way of doing things for a more resilient future.  In fact, 87% […]


Builds & Banter Webinar Recap: How to Increase Influence to Build Better Products, Faster

Mechanical engineers play a critical role in bringing new innovations to market, and effective communication with key stakeholders is a key part of that process. In our latest Builds & Banter webinar, product design and manufacturing experts Greg Miner, Todd Taylor, and David Cagle shared techniques for increasing engineers’ influence with product management to share […]