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3 Strategies to Mitigate Risk

In Product Development

Thursday, November 9, 2017
12:00 PM

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In this on-demand webinar, Lockitron CEO Paul Gerhardt shares his lessons in bringing three versions of the keyless-entry smart lock to mass production and the strategies used to minimize delays and failures.

During the webinar Paul offers insights on:

  • Design for Simplicity: Learn how to balance consumer demand with factory capability and avoid over-complicating your product with too many features and requirements.
  • Design for Domain Authority: Learn how to separate your product into subsystems that can be debugged by domain experts in isolation, using tools to determine part breaks, subsystem boundaries, material selection, and vendor sourcing.
  • Design for Communication: Learn how to mitigate risk in production by opening up multiple communication channels through the use of language, photos, samples, and test procedures.

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Paul Gerhardt
Co-founder | Lockitron

Paul Gerhardt is the Co-founder of Lockitron as well as a developer and embedded & electrical engineer. He spent 9 months living in China to manufacture v2 of Lockitron and has been building electronic door locks since 2007.

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