Gladiatorial. Technological. Destructive. Exciting. These are all words that describe the television spectacle known as BattleBots. But before the sparks fly and the destruction begins, a lot of work goes into making the machines ready for the arena.

We’re sitting down to talk with Team RoboGym about their BattleBot named Deadlift, the thrills of competing on Discovery’s BattleBot television show, and the lessons they’ve learned, win or lose.

Join us and you’ll discover: 

  • The origins of the team and their BattleBot, Deadlift
  • The biggest engineering challenges of building Deadlift and how they overcame them
  • What it’s like fighting other bots on TV, and their favorite moments from the show

DISCLAIMER: Fictiv is not a sponsor of nor affiliated with the BattleBots, Whalerock, or Discovery Network brands - we just helped a team build a really cool bot.