COVID-19 is changing our lives in almost every way. One of the big ones is how we get work done. Working from home might be simple for software engineers, but msgbox( "hello world") is much different than physically building the world. Parts are designed to exist physically and be assembled. 

Is it possible to be equally productive working from home as a mechanical engineer? How do you collaborate with a team on physical objects, in remote settings? Until we Matrix it,and the sentinels can build themselves, we’ll need to find a way to adapt.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from leaders in hardware product management and engineering on:

  • Actionable tips to help you optimize your daily engineering workflow
  • Best practices to foster an environment of collaboration with you team while working remotely
  • A look into engineering at-home setups and advice on how to optimize yours
  • Predictions for how hardware engineering may evolve moving forward and how you can adapt