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Anodizing Rack Marks: Guide to Cosmetic Quality

Anodizing is a popular surface treatment process used in various industries to provide superior protection and enhance the appearance of aluminum parts. Since anodizing is an electrochemical process, meaning there needs to be chemical immersion/exposure along with a flow of electricity, there has to be a way for the circuit to be completed to the […]


Hard Coat Anodizing: Our Guide

Hard coat anodizing is a surface treatment process used to upgrade the solidness, erosion obstruction, and wear opposition of metal parts. Hard anodizing is an electrochemical cycle that makes a thick oxide layer on the outer layer of metals, giving various advantages across different enterprises. This article will dig into the subtleties of hard coat […]


Alternatives to Chromic Acid Anodizing

One technique in modern cycles and surface modifications is a small but effective player — chromic corrosive anodizing. This finish isn’t a basic method; rather, it’s a groundbreaking metal surface transformation that upgrades toughness and prevents degradation while providing an appealing aesthetic. From aviation to consumer gadgets, chromic acid anodizing is popular for its useful […]


Our Guide to Sulfuric Acid Anodizing

Ensuring your parts are sufficiently finished to withstand environmental conditions is a critical consideration for every product. And among the most popular methods of environmental protection is sulfuric acid anodizing. There are several types of anodizing, and the Mil-PRF-8625 specification lays out the different methods: Type I, Type II and Type III.  This article focuses […]


Our Easy Guide to Hard Anodizing

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that deposits an oxide layer on a metallic surface to provide corrosion protection — and anodized coatings may be dyed in various colors. Hard anodizing, when compared to regular anodizing, creates a thicker, more durable, and wear-resistant aluminum oxide layer. Hard anodizing is also known as “Type III anodizing” per […]


Conversion Coatings: The Benefits of Passivation, Black Oxide, Alodine, and Anodizing

The Second Law of Thermodynamics declares that everything tends to move into a state of disorder. We all know what happens when metal is exposed to the elements: deterioration. When designing and creating your products, the last thing you want to discover is a layer of deteriorated metal in the form of oxidation, corrosion, or rust.  Although […]