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The Mid-Autumn Festival is widely celebrated throughout Asia and is fast approaching. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar when the moon is full and celebrates the end of the autumn harvest — it’s similar to Thanksgiving in the US. In 2022, the festival falls on September 12th.  

Additionally, October 3rd in mainland China marks the beginning of National Day Golden Week, which celebrates the formation of the People’s Republic of China. It’s called the Golden Week because hundreds of millions of people typically travel during this holiday — which is a contrast to Chinese New Year when people usually return to their hometowns. The Golden Week official holiday period in 2022 is the 3rd through the 7th of October

Golden Week Can Be a Surprise Disruption

The Golden Week holiday is relatively new as compared to Chinese New Year, and is lesser known to those outside of China. However, businesses, government facilities, and factories shut down for the holiday, so it can be as disruptive to production as Chinese New Year.   

Customers ordering parts from China during the holiday season are at a major risk of missing on-time delivery.  It’s not uncommon for suppliers to send out last-minute, surprise communications that their ship date will be delayed due to the national holidays — with no alternative solutions provided.

Fictiv is Here to Help

Our large overseas team is composed of project management, quality engineering, quality control, and logistics professionals who are based in China and dedicated to ensuring your project is produced to specification and shipped on time. We have worked with our manufacturing partner network and freight forwarders to reserve manufacturing capacity and shipping space to help meet your needs while navigating the challenges of these holidays. Our experts are here to ensure that there are no surprises.

Leverage Domestic Production to Avoid Delays

And if you need parts faster than our overseas offerings can provide, Fictiv’s domestic partners will, of course, be unaffected during this time. We have hundreds of highly qualified manufacturing partners in the United States ready to make your parts quickly and to your precise requirements.

Fictiv Delivers Parts On Time

At Fictiv, we take the “on time” and “in full” performance seriously and aim to fulfill customer expectations on each and every order. To place your order, create an account and get an instant quote and free design for manufacturability feedback. You’ll also get updated lead times to account for the holiday non-production days overseas. Rest assured that our team is well-prepared and will have your orders shipped on time.  

We’re ready to support you and your product development needs, so sign up and get a quote today!