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Erin Kenney, Director of Sales Strategy and Enablement at Fictiv

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we want to honor the incredible and inspiring female leaders at Fictiv, each having a significant impact in the run of our business.

This week, we’re putting a spotlight on Erin Kenney, Fictiv’s Director of Sales Strategy and Enablement. Since joining us, she has been an integral leader to her teams and Fictiv as a whole.

What is a women’s empowerment moment that impacted you?

Erin: This is probably a common answer, but seeing Vice President Kamala Harris sworn into office last year was really moving and inspiring for me to witness. It’s incredible to see a woman in a position of power because women and girls all over the world can see that it is possible to break through seemingly impossible barriers. This is why female leadership is critical for women’s empowerment.

Who are some women you’ve looked up to?

Erin: My Mother first and foremost. She’s taught me to persevere and lead with conviction. She also taught me to never compromise my values and speak my truth. She probably has no idea how far this has gotten me. I’m lucky to have grown up surrounded by strong, confident and intelligent women. I have a significant amount of gratitude for my aunts, my cousins, my grandmothers, and my sister. 

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Erin: It’s an acknowledgement of the long road to equality that we are still on. I get a lot of inspiration thinking about the women who paved the way before me. I think it’s important to reflect on this and remember that it was not very long ago that women were not even able to vote. Facing this sad reality and attempting to be better is the only way to ensure future generations will continue to benefit from the progress we have made. 

Erin Kenney, Director of Sales Strategy and Enablement at Fictiv, quote for Women's History Month

What advice would you give other women looking to build a career in your field?

Erin: Celebrate your successes and the successes of your peers. When you feel nervous to speak your mind, do it anyway. Also, don’t ruminate on the moments that you felt unprepared. This happens to everyone, and it’s only a waste of time to beat yourself up. Your most uncomfortable moments will lead to rapid growth. Move forward and use it as an opportunity to improve. 

How has Fictiv played a supportive part in women’s empowerment?

Erin: Fictiv has time and time again invested in me as a leader, and trusted me to lead critical teams. This has empowered me with the confidence to make business decisions that have a lasting and positive impact, and I can now do so with little to no hesitation. 

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