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At Fictiv, our vision has always been to enable product developers to build hardware at the speed of software.

Today we’re excited to announce we’re accelerating and realizing this vision with a $33M investment by G2VP, Mitsui & Co., Intel Capital, Sinovation, Bill Gates, Accel, and Tandon Group. Like us, these partners share our vision to transform the world of contract manufacturing into a global digital ecosystem that enables fast, flexible hardware development.

We’ve built Fictiv by working with disruptive product designers and engineers in the robotics, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical industries. Our customers understand that to compete in today’s global market, engineers need access to fast, high quality manufacturing at every stage of the product development process. And once a product is in market, our customers need an agile supply chain that responds to market demands.

We will use the investment to accelerate the development of our tools and network to meet those needs:

  • Manufacturing Network Expansion: Our goal is not to have the largest network, but the highest quality network. Fictiv’s manufacturing partners are vetted and on boarded onto our stringent quality assurance system. We will thoughtfully expand our network throughout the US and APAC region, to offer the speed, capabilities and materials our customers demand.
  • Tools & Transparency: By investing more in intelligent features like automatic DFM, instant pricing and order status, we are creating not just a platform, but a tool to help engineers make informed decisions. The result? Less wasted communication time and energy to get amazing products to market. Expect richer, more intelligent features and unprecedented transparency through the Fictiv platform.
  • A Guide to Lead the Way: While we believe technology can improve efficiency, we also know that technology must be paired with experience and boots-on-the-ground knowledge. We will continue to grow our stellar team of manufacturing, quality, software and sales engineers to provide the support our customers need.

We’re just getting started

This investment is validation of Fictiv’s vision and the work we have done thus far, and I want to thank Fictiv employees for their commitment and never ending pursuit of excellence and improvement.

On behalf of the Fictiv Team, I want to extend my thanks to our manufacturing partners and customers, who inspire us every day with their creativity and vision. We appreciate being your manufacturing partner and are committed to your success.

Onwards and upwards!

Dave and Nate Evans