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At Fictiv, we’ve always valued time spent together, whether it’s for team building activities, watching a solar eclipse together outside the office, building an electric bananaghini for the Bay Area Maker Faire, or just chatting at lunch. Those shared experiences create deeper bonds among team members and make collaborating on work projects more fun and rewarding. And shared empathy creates an essential foundation for any difficult conversations that arise. 

And we’re happy to say that we think we’re on the right track! Fictiv has been awarded 3 workplace satisfaction awards from Comparably for Happiest Employees, Best Perks & Benefits, and Best Work-Life Balance! Fictiv is recognized as one of the top 25 small and mid-sized U.S. companies where employees feel happy and fulfilled. This recognition is thanks to our employees, who rated us positively in those categories on the Comparably website.

Each quarter, employees rate their own companies in various categories on the Comparably website, and Comparably honors the companies whose employees rate them most positively with Best Places to Work Awards. Overall, Comparably’s analysis of Fictiv employees’ perceptions is that Fictiv employees are very satisfied with their work experience. 

This is really validating to our leadership team and, more importantly, it’s just great news to all of us to know that the things we value about Fictiv are also celebrated by our coworkers. Maintaining our culture has been our top priority since we launched our company. We hired our first Head of People when we were just 15 employees! 

We believe that when someone is happy and has a healthy balance among their work commitments, personal life, and personal interests, they will feel supported to bring their best self into their work. We aim to create this environment for all of our Fictors. As we rethought our perks and benefits in light of remote work, we wanted to provide options that were customized and unique to each of our Fictor’s needs during this challenging time. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic scattered us to our homes around the Bay Area and beyond, and we all became remote employees, we had to adjust. We quickly found ways to stay personally connected to each other and simultaneously fulfill our work responsibilities.

We also dug deeper and launched a huge effort to redefine how we work post-COVID-19. As we all know, there’s no guidebook for managing the effects on employees and workplaces during or after a pandemic, so we wrote our own. Our internal “Virtual Working Guide” outlines our new perks and benefits and provides guidelines for how we hope to thrive during this period of change. 

We recognize that not everything is perfect yet, but it’s a top priority for us because we believe that contented, balanced, healthy employees thrive and perform at their best. We look forward to seeing how our team continues to evolve during these unprecedented times.

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