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Our June Hardware Roundup video host is Kat, a Software Engineer here at Fictiv! Our highlights this month include cell tower balloons, unique robotic designs, and tariff tension updates.

Hardware Knowledge

  • The time-intensive CNC process behind Apple’s new Mac Pro grille design. + End-of-life AirPod impact.
  • Rivian’s battery system can transition to stationary energy storage at the end of the vehicle’s life. Its “second-life batteries” will be used in a microgrid project in Puerto Rico.
  • Falco’s new liquid-cooled electric motor design is designed to increase e-bike power. + A puncture-proof airless wheel design.
  • An in-depth look at the hierarchy and communication patterns of swarm drones. + How Loon’s cell tower balloons formed a mesh network in the air above Peru.
  • Build-A-Bot: How are robotic designers developing materials that combine the durability of common robots with the gentleness of a soft robot? Here’s how to build the right touch.
  • These kinetic mirrors use motion and laser sensors to “see” the person standing in front.
  • Teardown Corner: See how the iRobot Braava Robot Mop navigates your rugged household environment. Check out our Electric Shaver Showdown to see which shaver has a motor not commonly found in consumer electronics.

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For the Love of Ice Cream

To welcome everyone into summer, here’s a GIF of how ice cream sandwiches are made.

See you next month!