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We know how important it is to have confidence in the materials you source for critical builds. And whether you need material traceability for code compliance, meeting client requirements, or internal quality management purposes, it all starts with material certifications. 

That’s why Fictiv has made it easy to add material certifications to your orders! You can now request material certifications for all CNC orders, including those made in the USA as well as overseas. (You can find a complete list of available materials here.)

CNC material certification

Material certifications verify the source and composition of the materials we provide — so when you pick a specific grade of stock, you can rest assured that what you get will have the mechanical properties you expect. The best part? Instead of requesting certifications through a sales representative, you can select the certifications you need through the Fictiv platform, with all the benefits of instant quoting and more. From there, your certification documents will show up in your order detail page online.

Fictiv – Quality Parts You Can Trust

No matter how complex your designs or how exacting the standards for the materials necessary to bring them to life, Fictiv delivers what you need. So, get an instant quote today and let’s build something great, together.