Ishan Bhide

Applications Engineer at Fictiv. I help teams navigate the complex work of design for manufacturing.

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Furbo Dog Camera

One of the coolest things about Fictiv’s San Francisco HQ office is that it’s dog-friendly! Our furry friends can work alongside us everyday, getting their daily dose of head scratches and belly rubs, and we get a daily dose of adorableness. For National Dog Day, we thought it would be fitting to test out and […]


Navdy Heads Up Display Teardown

For this teardown, we’re joined by Telind Bench, the Lead Product Design Engineer for Orion Labs. Telind gave us a lot of great design insight into the Navdy Heads Up Display (HUD). In case you missed it, the Navdy Head Up Display was one of the more interesting new products announced in 2014. It promised augmented […]