Lucas Wells

I am a full time industrial product design design engineer in the food processing industry. I have worked through most stages of the manufacturing process as a millwright, machinist, service technician, and designer. I have written technical manuals, surveyed plant schematics, and work alongside our technicians in the field to specialize in DFM.

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CNC Operations and Applications

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is, by itself, useless. Without hardware to execute the commands, CNC is nothing more than an array of vectors stored on a drive. Once CNC is married to a machine operation, however, the manufacturing possibilities are practically limitless! What is CNC? What exactly is Computer Numerical Control? Essentially, it’s when […]


Milling the Future with 5-Axis CNC Machines

Have you ever seen a beautiful piece of metalwork and wondered “how did they do it?” There are no seams, no signs of welding, and it appears as though it’s one piece. The surfaces are too complex to have been wrought manually, so what’s the secret? A 5-axis CNC machine. These machines have transformed the […]