Patrick Kalahar

I have over 11 years experience in the aerospace industry doing Mechanical Engineering and Design work.

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Guide to Foamcore Joining Techniques

Foamcore (also known as foam board or foam core) is a lightweight building material typically consisting of an inner foam layer sandwiched by paper or another thin, lightweight material. If you have put together a poster for a school project or a work-related presentation, odds are you’re familiar with rigid foam core poster board. Foamcore […]


5 Options for Building Large Scale Prototypes

3D printing is a fantastic solution for building fast, cheap prototypes. Small enclosures? Piece of cake. 5 variations of a door handle? No problem. But what happens when your dimensions surpass that of a 3D printer build bed? Here are a few alternative methods for building prototypes larger than 1-2 ft. 1. 2-Dimensional Cutters CNC […]