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R&D Engineer. Learning to design mechanical sound signature.

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Manufacturing Processes

Design Strategies for Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is a common phenomenon—where there’s metal, there will be rust. In scientific terms, corrosion is a chemical process in which refined metals get converted to their more chemically stable form. Four basic ingredients found in your home environment cause corrosion: reactive metal, air, moisture, and electrolytes. And while a quick spray of WD-40 battles […]

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Keeping Copycats Away: A Guide to Patents for Hardware Products

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard this many times: “Ideas are worthless until you get them out of your head and see what they can do.” Every big idea starts with a small first step and many leaps of faith to get it realized. However, you’ve probably also seen big Kickstarter projects get funded, only […]

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Mechanical Design

Thermoplastic vs Thermoset Plastic: Mechanical Properties Overview

The flexibility in adjusting plastic mechanical properties makes much of our technological advancement possible, from being able to produce fuel-efficient jumbo jets with high strength, to lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic that can be made into impact-resistant silicone phone cases that save our precious phones from shattering into pieces. This article provides an overview of the […]

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