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We use intelligent routing to match your order with one of our qualified global manufacturing partners, giving you instant access to a wide array of manufacturing capabilities through a single access point. Learn more about our platform features here.

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Injection Molding

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Urethane Casting

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Customer Stories

We work with leading innovators across a range of industries, to help them manufacture products faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Mira Labs
Learn how Mira Labs leveraged Fictiv’s Multi Jet Fusion printing solution to produce customer-ready products for customer feedback.
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HEBI Robotics
Learn how HEBI Robotics streamlined their supply chain with Fictiv, to increase speed and agility.
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Gecko Robotics
Learn how Gecko Robotics partnered with Fictiv to manufacture tight tolerance custom robotics parts and accelerate development schedules.
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Animax Designs
Animax Designs partnered with Fictiv to get reliable, high-quality parts at speed. With Fictiv, Animax Designs knows that they will receive the quality parts they need, when they need them.
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Alea Labs
Learn how Alea Labs partnered with Fictiv to prototype and manufacture injection molded parts for their smart HVAC system.
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How Lampix used Fictiv as an experienced injection molding partner to support their lean hardware group
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Learn how quip used Fictiv from prototype to production, to launch and scale with speed and agility.
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219 Design
See how Silicon Valley 219 Design works with Fictiv to unlock complex manufacturing capabilities and deliver more value to their clients.
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Learn how Joy discovered Fictiv's Agile Manufacturing Solution for Fast, Quality Injection Molded Parts at Production Volumes
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Learn how a boxing wearable company accelerates product development 39 days ahead of schedule with Fictiv CNC machining.
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Learn how Sphero leveraged the Fictiv platform to quickly and easily extend their prototyping capabilities.
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Lim Innovations
Learn how an innovative medical device company uses Fictiv Urethane Casting for fast, production-grade parts.
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Facebook's EdMod Labs
Learn how Facebook’s EdMod Labs applies agile principles to hardware prototyping with Fictiv.
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