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Manufacturing Processes


Fiat 500 EV Conversion: Project Butterball

Welcome to our 4-part EV car conversion series! We started this project last year to learn about cars and foster community while we are all working remotely. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of our approach and the decisions our engineers made when turning our 1966 Fiat 500, Butterball, into an electric vehicle. […]


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Builds & Banter: Building a Champion BattleBot the RoboGym Way

Gladiatorial. Technological. Destructive. Exciting. These are all words that describe the television spectacle known as BattleBots. But before the sparks fly and the destruction begins, a lot of work goes into making the machines ready for the arena. We’re sitting down to talk with Team RoboGym about their BattleBot named Deadlift, the thrills of competing […]


Working with Copper: Design, Machining, and Finish Requirements

Copper is a truly versatile metal. Copper has a naturally beautiful, shiny finish that makes it desirable for artwork, cookware, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and even jewelry. It also has excellent material and electrical properties for engineered, complex parts, like EDM electrodes. There are many benefits to using copper for machined parts. Copper is one of […]


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Solving 7 Common Challenges for CNC Machining Aerospace Components

Nowhere is the precision and quality of CNC machining more important than in the aerospace and aeronautics industries. But crafting components that are both light enough to fly and strong enough to land requires milling a variety of exotic materials to incredibly tight tolerances. In this webinar, experts discuss the challenges of designing and manufacturing […]


Enhance Your 3D Printing Workflow With CNC Machining in Post-Processing

If you’ve ever designed and 3D printed a part that required high dimensional accuracy, you were probably disappointed with the outcome. Maybe a bolt didn’t fit into a 3D printed hole, or a 3D printed bracket didn’t fit into its intended recess. Whatever the dimensional intention, it’s likely that the 3D printed part didn’t serve […]


CNC Machining Copper Alloy EDM Electrodes

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an amazing technology that can manufacture complex shapes in a variety of conductive materials — and it produces tightly toleranced parts with excellent finishes. EDM is a subtractive electro-thermal manufacturing method that utilizes electricity to erode the surface of a part.  Basics of Electrical Discharge Machining In general, EDM can […]

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