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Manufacturing Processes


How to Build a BattleBot Like a Pro, Part One: Rules and Combat Styles

Perhaps you watched BattleBots in the early 2000’s, or maybe you recently got into combat robotics and  thought to yourself “what goes into building one of these gladiator bots?” Well, we’re team RoboGym, and we’re here to answer your question. We’ve been building and refining our BattleBot, Deadlift for years, and we’ll be guiding you […]


How to Build a BattleBot Like a Pro, Part Two: Design and Construction

If you want to know the general lay of the land when it comes to combat robotics and the different types of BattleBots, you can learn about that in Part One of How to Build a BattleBot Like a Pro. If you’re ready to get into the specifics of designing and building a combat robot […]


Your Guide to New Product Introduction (NPI)

Developing a new product and bringing it to market is a massive undertaking, but it’s also what drives the advancement of any industry. The Harvard Business Review says that “ideally, a successful new product can set industry standards—standards that become another company’s barrier to entry—or open up crucial new markets.”  Not every product can pace […]


Introduction to CNC Turning

Previously, we discussed how CNC (Computer Numerical Control) supports manufacturing processes and reduces human error. We have also described CNC Milling, where the cutting tool moves while the workpiece is fixed in place. In this article, we‘ll explore CNC Turning, where the workpiece rotates while the cutting tool remains stationary.  CNC Lathes vs. CNC Turning Centers […]


Fiat 500 EV Conversion: Prototyping and Sourcing Parts

In this part of our Butterball electric vehicle conversion series of articles, we’re discussing prototyping and making parts vs. buying them off the shelf — and you can learn more about the genesis of the project, its mechanical design, and electrical system in our other articles. As a digital manufacturing company, we’re very familiar with […]


Fiat 500 EV Conversion: Mechanical Design

Welcome to the next installment of our Butterball EV conversion! In case you didn’t read our introductory article, Butterball is our pet name for the cream-colored 1966 Fiat 500 that we converted to an electric vehicle this past year as a means to foster community here at Fictiv while we were all working remotely.  You […]

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