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Conveying Design Intent with GD&T

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
12:00 PM

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GD&T is a language of symbols that empowers design engineers with an unambiguous communication method to explain design intent with manufacturers, resulting in improved communication and part quality.

During the webinar Andrew will discuss:

  • A short history on GD&T, including common symbols and their practical applications
  • Overview of Feature Control Frames (zone type, control symbol, modifiers, datums)
  • How to communicate different features of size (e.g. holes, surfaces, pins, tabs, slots)
  • Tips for calling out 2D vs. 3D tolerances (i.e. form, orientation, and location)

Presented by:

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Andrew Hudak
Manufacturing Engineer, Fictiv

Andrew Hudak holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, with a focus in design and manufacturing. His passion for thoughtful engineering and design stems from a long term love of math and science as well as inspiration from nature.

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