As it stands today, many of our customers manage NPD and NPI processes in the dark with spreadsheets, take calls with overseas suppliers at 2am, or send teams of people across the globe to inspect manufacturing processes and quality controls.

Those approaches were costly, nerve-wracking, and with this current pandemic, hardly even possible. Not anymore.

Watch on-demand to see how Fictiv can deliver you and your team unprecedented visibility, predictability, and transparency in the manufacturing process.

"Fictiv’s new streamlined end-to-end process is exciting, capturing the entire value chain from design upload through DFM with real-time pricing. Impressive stuff.” - Lyft’s Head of Level 5 Supply Chain

“Everything is completely manual today. Having all this data updating live in one centralized place — part by part, order by order — is incredible," says Blake Sessions, Director of R&D at Rise Robotics.

Ask questions & walk away with an in-depth look at the industry-first features:

  • On-Demand Production Status of all your parts within every order;
  • Virtual Inspection Photos before your parts are delivered from manufacturing partner facilities,
  • Centralized Access to Quality Documentation (material certifications, certificates of conformance, and inspection docs);
  • Order Configuration Details including 2D and 3D design files, thread specifications, material and process configurations, invoices;
  • Historical DFM for all ordered parts to inform future design cycles;
  • Easy Reorders for streamlined quoting and locked-in pricing;
  • Shipment Tracking: aggregate tracking links from FedEx, UPS, etc. to keep all shipments in one secure place.