On June 21, 2022, Fictiv’s Chief Revenue Officer Joanne Moretti, hosted a webinar on IndustryWeek where she discussed the use of digital manufacturing and how digital networks can save companies time, increase productivity and scale revenue — while reducing risk and increasing the speed of new product development. 

As part of the webinar, Joanne discussed one of Fictiv’s biggest customers, Honeywell, explaining how Fictiv made a huge impact on their business. 

Honeywell is a leader in industrial technology development, from energy-efficient buildings to aircraft, to protective equipment, to high-performance materials. When auxiliary power units for commercial jetliners malfunctioned, Honeywell worked with Fictiv to cut a 16-week development cycle on needed parts to 16 days.

Learn more about how Fictiv helped accelerate parts production for Honeywell and new product development for other major customers by watching this webinar.