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Unique integration of quality services into Fictiv digital thread allows customers to realize the promise of quality, transparency, and speed for complete reliability standards

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2021 – Fictiv today announced the integration of a number of new quality inspection and certification services directly into its self-service digital manufacturing platform. These new additions make it easier than ever for engineers and purchasers to lock-in the dependable production of consistently high quality outsourced mechanical parts as part of a digital quote.

“For many companies, productions standards are often a choice between speed or quality, with the tradeoff of faster lead times being the risk of faulty parts that can sabotage gains and set engineering teams back weeks in development, impact delivery schedules, or endanger go-to-market timelines,” said Dave Evans, Fictiv CEO and co-founder. “Now, the integration of our new quality features directly into our digital platform means hardware product teams never have to choose between speed or quality. Fictiv provides complete control, removes the guesswork, and enables consistent manufacturing results at an already unprecedented pace.”

Available as a simple add-on, these new quality features combine with Fictiv’s promise of radical transparency to reassure teams relying on complex, precision parts in industries like robotics, healthcare, aerospace, and automotive that quality production is achievable without sacrificing speed or ease of use.

Fictiv’s Quality Management System guides every element of its Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem, ensuring superior quality assurance standards and enabling the seamless “dock-to-stock” system that all companies envision but few have the time or resources to realize on their own.

The new quality features available as part of the Fictiv digital platform include:

  • Advanced Inspection Reports: Available through its digital quote-to-order platform, customers can now seamlessly add advanced inspection reports for an unlimited number of critical features using CMM, laser, or optical measurement technologies. Using Fictiv’s intuitive interface, customers can specify inspection criteria against the number of parts and points of inspection and then view instant pricing and lead time impact.
  • Quality Certificates: Customers can instantly add standardized certificates of conformity (CoCs) and material certifications to meet enterprise purchasing requirements.

Fictiv is ISO 9001 certified and has networked manufacturing partners with ISO 13485 and AS 9100 certifications. To learn more about Fictiv’s Quality offerings visit: www.fictiv.com/quality-assurance

About Fictiv

Fictiv is a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem that rapidly delivers custom mechanical parts on-demand to help accelerate new product innovation. Its quality-driven ecosystem delivers unprecedented manufacturing agility and speed through its digital quote-to-order platform, highly vetted and managed global partner network, and team of manufacturing experts that manage programs and inspect quality every step of the way. Different from traditional contract manufacturers, Fictiv’s operations are built around a digital core that leverages proprietary AI algorithms to deliver instant pricing, design for manufacturability feedback, production transparency to customers, and seamlessly match demand with open machine capacity. Fictiv’s portfolio of optimized manufacturing services includes 3D printing, CNC machining, urethane casting, and injection molding. Over the last seven years, Fictiv has manufactured more than 12M parts for early-stage companies and large enterprises alike, helping them innovate with agility and get products to market faster. www.fictiv.com