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The Challenge: Meeting Design Expectations of Consumers

From dimmers and light switch plates to chargers and more, aesthetics plays a big role in purchase decisions in the electrical products market. In the age of smart homes, more homeowners are opting for technology — like home security system command panels, smart thermostats, doorbell cameras and window sensors — with clean, unobtrusive designs.

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The Solution: Sourcing Custom Injection Molded Parts Through Fictiv

To help electrical products companies produce injection-molded parts that appeal to the consumer’s eye, Fictiv can provide custom color-matching services as well as custom texture and surface-finishing services without impact to lead times. Fictiv also offers overmolding services, which help companies achieve parts with enhanced electrical resistance and tactile appeal.

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The Impact: Achieving Aesthetically Pleasing Parts on Time

Fictiv can provide high-quality parts that deliver on the design expectations of consumers and meet to-market deadlines — giving electrical products companies a competitive edge.