Here at Fictiv, we’ve been known to spend a little bit of our workday gaining inspiration from all the creative, exciting, and just plain crazy crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. And aren’t you glad we do? Because here, without further ado, are our six favorite crowdfunded projects of 2015!

1. ShiftWear: Hipster sneakers you can customize with your smartphone

We’d probably buy these sneakers just as they are, for the right price, but here’s the kicker: That white area on the shoe is actually a display area, and you can use the ShiftWear app to display static or animated HD-quality images. Machine washable and coated with Kevlar for durability, these kicks take techie style to the next level.

2. Adaptive Saber Parts: Customize your lightsaber

Don’t have a soldering iron at home? Fret not. Adaptive Saber Parts offers over 100 modular metal parts, in three different finishes, to allow Star Wars fans to customize their own lightsabers. The company also offers no-solder electronics kits, so you can make your own dueling saber with a light-up blade, or a “fully functional hero level prop with lights, motion detection, and sound.” The company plans to release a new expansion set each month, so carve out some time on your calendar for a light saber duel.

3. Alpha 2: Your new robot BFF

Move over, JIBO. Billed as “the first humanoid robot for the family,” this little robot can tutor and tell stories to your kids, control smart appliances, act as a virtual assistant and meteorologist, and generally help you out. Definitely a luxury item, but so much like the robots in Big Hero 6 that we’re really, really hoping to find a spare $1k lying around somewhere.

4. DokiWatch: The best smartwatch for kids

For the kid who has everything, this smartwatch is not only adorable, it’s incredibly useful. It places calls, offers location and fitness tracking, has parental controls and SOS alerts, and includes an electronic pet (because who wouldn’t want one of those?).

5. LightSail(™): A solar space sail

Developed by Bill Nye, the Science Guy (we’re sold!), and the Planetary Society, LightSail is a tiny, solar-powered satellite, with 344 square-foot reflective sails that use the sun’s energy as a propulsion method. The idea is to make citizen space science a reality, which is the kind of aspirational thinking we love. Also, did we mention it was developed by Bill Nye, the Science Guy?

6. Flow Hive: Honey on tap from the beehive

Created to make it much easier for beekeepers to collect honey from their hives, this design is genius. And who doesn’t like honey? Bees not included.

Feeling inspired? Go build something awesome!