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Hardware Weekly | Vol 109

Your source for hardware insights. June 3rd, 2016 Products The Work Commute Olympics New augmented reality sunglasses from Solos lift data from your smartphone and bike computer to give you real-time performance data and training tools as you ride. Developed with Team USA cycling, whom they’re sponsoring for the 2016 Rio Olympics, these shades promise […]


Hardware Weekly | Vol 107

Products Modern Day Rubik’s Cube Hopping on the modular mobile electronics party train is the Cubimorph, an interactive device comprised of a chain of cubes, each of which has a touchscreen on all sides. Whether you need a phone, a gaming console, or a tablet, you can quickly build Cubimorph into the hand-held device you […]


Hardware Weekly | Vol 106

Your source for hardware insights. May 13th, 2016 Products Hyundai’s Iron Man Suit Hyundai has created a wearable robot suit that increases users’ strength, which could make it ideal for use in factories, hospitals, or by the military. The company joins Panasonic, which manufactures similar suits for factory workers, developing leg-only robotic exoskeletons to help […]


Hardware Weekly | Vol 105

Your source for hardware insights. May 6th, 2016 Products Your Skin as a Touchscreen Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are testing a project called SkinTrack, which lets people use their skin as a touchscreen to play games on a smartwatch. It works the way cell towers triangulate signals to locate your phone: In this case, a […]


Hardware Weekly | Vol 104

Your source for hardware insights. April 29th, 2016 Products The Hair Dryer That Costs as Much as Your Smartphone Dyson’s first-ever hairdryer, the Supersonic, is expensive, attractive, and packed with technology, like an air multiplier feature, a digital motor, and heat sensors. Plus, it’s apparently beyond the audible range for humans, so you can blow-dry […]


Product Licensing: How to Turn Your Design into a Royalty Generating Machine

You’ve got a great product idea, but you also have a full-time job you love and no desire to start a company. Do you just shelve it? Nope! Instead, consider licensing your product to earn extra income from the royalties. Here’s how you can make it happen. What Licensing is and How it Works Licensing is […]


Inspiration Board: Our 6 Favorite Crowdfunded Hardware Projects of 2015

Here at Fictiv, we’ve been known to spend a little bit of our workday gaining inspiration from all the creative, exciting, and just plain crazy crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. And aren’t you glad we do? Because here, without further ado, are our six favorite crowdfunded projects of 2015! 1. ShiftWear: Hipster sneakers you can […]