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When we shared our last international logistics update on August 27, we had seen significant improvements in lead time reliability. Today, we’re excited to share that after many months of the COVID-19 pandemic, our overseas lead times have stabilized. Overseas orders placed on the Fictiv platform are now being delivered within 3-5 days. 

Fictiv Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic is still here, and the air market in China is still at capacity, especially this time of year, when lots of tech companies are releasing new products and taking over air capacity with new product releases. However, carriers have figured out how to handle the pandemic and operate under a new normal. 

Fictiv continues to do everything possible within our power to influence the aspects of international logistics that we can impact. Our supply chain remains agile, and we’ve partnered with the major freight carriers to identify congestion at port of exports and divert cargo to other ports if a specific port of exit is congested. 

In August, we added information to our shipping documentation, including an end use certification with each shipment, so U.S. Customs agents can process your shipments more efficiently. 

In September, we updated our estimated international shipping lead time to 3-5 days, and now, over 95% of our international shipments are being delivered within that time frame. 

Also in September, we launched our free Shipment Upgrade program for overseas prototype orders over $800. If you’re interested, learn more here about what qualifies. 

Guidance for Fictiv Customers

Remember that as Chinese exporters start sending goods to the U.S. for the holidays, it’s possible that transit times may increase again, so be sure to place your orders through our platform in plenty of time. Regardless, Fictiv’s Logistics team remains dedicated to getting your parts to you in the shortest possible amount of time. You can feel confident that when you place an overseas order on Fictiv, it will arrive on time.