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Throughout my career in supply chain operations, I’ve staked my reputation on quality. From building iPods at Apple, where design precision was essential, to rockets at SpaceX, where functional reliability was absolutely critical, I’ve understood the importance of robust quality management systems when it comes to delivering world-class products.

Having spent 27 years in the industry, I also understand that quality can be a major source of pain in product development and manufacturing, for growing startups and enterprises alike. Quality issues in a supply chain can cause enormous damage in schedule setbacks and lost sales opportunities (not to mention the emotional frustration of it all) and limited visibility into a fragmented supply chain increases the risk of identifying quality issues only after it’s too late.

Now at Fictiv, I’ve aimed to solve a lot of the pain traditionally associated with poor supply chain visibility and control and the quality issues that can result. Fictiv’s technology digitally connects our distributed network of manufacturing partners, enabling supply chain visibility and exceptional quality results for our customers. Here I’ll share in more depth the extensive measures we take at Fictiv to ensure customers receive parts that meet our highest quality standards.

Quality Starts with Our Exceptional Partner Network

At Fictiv, quality starts with our global network of manufacturing partners. To maintain the highest quality standards, we’ve built a tightly connected, highly engaged network of partners that receive jobs regularly from Fictiv and must maintain high quality performance to maintain Fictiv Partner status.

Fictiv manufacturing partner Don Goosen has over 20 years experience as a trusted source for complex CNC milling and turning
<em>Fictiv manufacturing partner Don Goosen has over 20 years experience as a trusted source for complex CNC milling and turning<em>

Manufacturers are also thoroughly vetted before they can become a Fictiv Partner, including a shop or factory audit and a series of test parts.

After joining the Fictiv network, we continue to monitor partner performance closely, “leveling-up” some partners based on high performance and removing other partners as needed based on low performance.

Technology for Strategic Sourcing and Two-Factor Inspections

When you order a part from Fictiv, we leverage network data to strategically source the best partner for that specific part. There is no bidding involved. 

After a partner manufactures the part, they use Fictiv’s proprietary Workbench application to perform standardized part inspections, including secure photo documentation, which is then verified by Fictiv. These virtual inspections enable us to both verify quality and identify any issues as soon as possible to mitigate delays. 

All Fictiv CNC parts are inspected for critical dimensions using hand metrology at no additional charge. Inspections are verified by Fictiv Quality Engineers
<em>All Fictiv CNC parts are inspected for critical dimensions using hand metrology at no additional charge Inspections are verified by Fictiv Quality Engineers<em>

The Fictiv Quality Promise

To prove our commitment to quality, all orders come with signed inspections reports for every part, in line with our ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

We also take full responsibility for the quality of your parts, so if something doesn’t seem right, please let us know and we’ll work quickly with you on a solution.

Online Quotes for Advanced Inspections and Certifications

Fictiv also makes it easy to add material certifications, certificates of conformance, and advanced inspections using coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and lasers to your order. You can see all of our quality offerings here.

fictiv platform advanced quality offerings

Quality Parts at Unprecedented Speeds

The best part is that you can have your cake and eat it too: Fictiv offers lead times as fast as 24 hours for 3D printing, 2 days for CNC machining, and 10 days for injection molding and urethane casting while maintaining these incredibly high quality standards. That’s the power of technology!

If you have any questions about our quality management system or our quality certifications, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account executive or our support team at help@fictiv.com.