Andy Sherman

Fictiv VP of Core Operations. I love building the systems necessary to accelerate product innovation cycles from prototype to launch.

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Consumer Electronics Certifications: FCC Regulations, EMC Testing, and More

You and your team have a killer consumer electronics product idea and the necessary skill set to bring it to market. But 50% of consumer electronics products fail EMC testing during their first pass. A failure in certification testing can stop your product development process dead in its tracks, resulting in large costs and significant […]


Monthly Supply Chain Update: December 2021 and Chinese New Year

Fictiv’s Monthly Supply Chain Update series gives you insight into the logistics challenges, transit times, and related manufacturing issues we’re currently facing. Chinese, or Lunar, New Year is approaching, and the holiday is a big deal across Asia. Every year Chinese New Year seriously disrupts production, so we wanted to share what we know about […]


4 Essential Tactics for Supply Chain Risk Management

It’s important for every new product introduction team to consider how to manage against risk in their supply chain, in order to avoid disruption. After you identify your high-level business objectives, I recommend four actionable strategies for supply chain risk mitigation:  Dual/triple source for components where applicable Plan proactively against future scenarios Maintain visibility through […]


Design for (Lean) Manufacturing

What is lean manufacturing? How do you design for lean manufacturing? And how does it apply to your product development cycle? The idea and practices of lean manufacturing grew from auto manufacturing—Henry Ford and then Taiichi Ohno (of Toyota) were the pioneers of lean manufacturing. Its roots go back decades, but lean methodologies and lean […]