Holy FBD, Batman! Using Engineering Analysis to Improve Your Designs

Our latest Hardware Guide post explains why engineering analysis equations are important: to predict outcomes, allowing designs to be improved before the prototyping stage.

Statics can simplify the analysis of even complex machines, like this crane, whatever your load. [courtesy Pixabay]

In the Hardware Guide post, we cover:

  • Basics of Engineering Analysis: Newton and the Free Body Diagram (FBD)
  • Statics: Expanding the FBD
  • Two practical examples for applying engineering analysis: a loading crane and a beam.

Engineering analysis can save you money and time before you even get to the prototyping stage. Check out our post on the Hardware Guide to learn more about why it’s a good idea to sketch a free body diagram or use force analysis to see what’s happening in the heart of your design.   

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