Sustainability in Manufacturing Report – 2023

We surveyed over 240 leaders in engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, and product development to understand the current state of sustainability in the industry. Our panel of experts unpack the findings and provide valuable guidance to help you succeed in 2023 and beyond.

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Each year, Fictiv conducts a survey of industry leaders on a variety of topics related to manufacturing, including the current macroeconomic environment, productivity, technology, the global supply chain, and sustainability.

In 2023 we published the eighth edition of our State of Manufacturing Report, which has findings and analysis from senior leaders in engineering, production manufacturing, supply chain, and research and development (R&D).

Our inaugural Sustainability in Manufacturing Report builds on these findings, and reveals a manufacturing industry still searching for its footing after years of macroeconomic and geopolitical issues. As companies continue to face economic uncertainty and workforce challenges, we find them shifting their priorities to overcome these headwinds, depending upon company size.

We believe the results of these conditions, and actions or inaction, frame the survey responses across every topic in the report, and influence the ways that companies approach sustainability.

Let’s face it, sustainability is a complex subject, 
one that’s not easy to understand.

And it’s difficult for companies of any size to create and implement effective sustainability initiatives. That’s why, for this report, we received analysis and insights from some sustainable manufacturing experts:

Valerie Shen

Valerie Shen

Partner and COO, G2 Venture Partners

PJ Farrenkopf

Senior Global Energy Manager, Jabil

Andy Sherman

General Manager, USA, Fictiv

Executive Summary

Committed Leadership, Despite Challenges

Sustainable manufacturing is increasingly important to leaders, but given macroeconomic headwinds, a lack of funding has emerged amongst a list of challenges to implementation.


say that the importance of sustainable manufacturing is increasing


say a lack of funding is preventing them from meeting sustainability goals

A Practical Approach is Key

Companies can be successful in their sustainability efforts by making decisions holistically — accounting for environmental impacts when doing cost/benefit analysis — and embedding sustainability into their operations and increasing efficiency.


are investing in technology to drive operational efficiency


are prioritizing sustainable packaging, materials, and/or energy solutions

More Sustainable Supply Chains

Companies are looking for more control over their supply chains, but not every company has the leverage to force their suppliers to operate more sustainably. However, every business can encourage suppliers to be more sustainable by including sustainability in their RFPs.


struggle with lack of control over sustainability standards in their supply chain


say improving manufacturing and supply chain visibility is a top priority


The past few years have brought a series of challenges to manufacturing companies the world over.

And while a global pandemic and war in Europe have caused plenty of problems, climate change presents the biggest ongoing challenge of all.

It’s not a new issue, which is why sustainability has long been a topic of concern in the manufacturing industry. And it’s also why, in a post-pandemic world, many companies are re-focusing on creating more sustainable businesses, but progress in the industry has been slow.

Today, even as companies see the need for more sustainable practices, many are unsure how to build a more sustainable business, and are constrained by economic forces that prevent implementation of environmentally-friendly solutions.

There’s no single solution to these problems, but a combination of executive commitment to sustainability, a practical plan focused on increasing efficiency that embeds sustainability in operations, and an ongoing commitment to holding suppliers accountable for their sustainability practices (or lack thereof) can create a path to a more sustainable manufacturing business, and ultimately, industry.

This is just the executive summary of our findings in the Sustainability in Manufacturing Report for 2023. Download your complimentary copy of the full 40-page report here.


Download the full Sustainability in Manufacturing Report

See how the importance of sustainable manufacturing is growing among industry leaders. Understand and learn how to overcome your key challenges. Finally, we’ll share our collective outlook for the future of sustainability in manufacturing.

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