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Builds & Banter: Building a Champion BattleBot the RoboGym Way

Gladiatorial. Technological. Destructive. Exciting. These are all words that describe the television spectacle known as BattleBots. But before the sparks fly and the destruction begins, a lot of work goes into making the machines ready for the arena. We’re sitting down to talk with Team RoboGym about their BattleBot named Deadlift, the thrills of competing […]


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Friendsgiving with Fictiv: 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Engineering Workflow

As an engineer, moving fast is critical to success, but you need to balance costs, quality, and lead time when planning any project. Join us as we discuss 5 common challenges engineers face when designing and building new products — and how the Fictiv Platform helps you solve them. Check out this on-demand webinar and […]


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Solving 7 Common Challenges for CNC Machining Aerospace Components

Nowhere is the precision and quality of CNC machining more important than in the aerospace and aeronautics industries. But crafting components that are both light enough to fly and strong enough to land requires milling a variety of exotic materials to incredibly tight tolerances. In this webinar, experts discuss the challenges of designing and manufacturing […]


Engineering Tips from the Director of Program Management at Igor Institute

In this edition of Engineering Heroes, we sat down with Kathy Fedirchuk, Director of Program Management at Igor Institute. During our conversation, we talked about overcoming the challenges of new product introduction during COVID, the importance of setting clear expectations with internal teams and suppliers, and the advantages of using a form template to facilitate […]


Balancing Speed & Quality: Where R&D Should Pump the Brakes or Hit the Gas

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s about saying no to all but the most crucial features.” As part of the I.D. product development team at Apple, I had the remarkable experience of observing this philosophy firsthand. I sat in on many design team meetings where new and innovative […]

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