Join hosts Dave Evans, CEO of Fictiv, and journalist and writer, Philip Stoten in The Supply Chain Bunker this week as they discuss challenges to our perception of globalization, government policies aimed at reducing dependency on China, and how this might impact manufacturing moving forward.

In this week’s Bunker, two expert guests from the CNC and Product Development and Prototyping world, Danny Yorke and Gregg Miner, to explore manufacturing in the U.S. and discuss what a shorter, more regionalized supply chain might look like. Danny is Manufacturing Manager of Yorke Precision, a business that he manages with his brother Brian, and Gregg describes himself as a Maker, Breaker and Innovator. He is an expert in Product Development, Prototyping and Manufacturing. It was a joy to explore the huge breadth and depth of manufacturing expertise available in the U.S. with two guests with so much experience and passion for manufacturing.

Key takeaways:

  • Craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise are alive and well in the U.S.
  • Total cost of ownership is more important than price; learn how to calculate it.
  • US manufacturing makes sense and is competitive in numbers up to 100,000
  • Manufacturing has really rallied during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Don’t try to build China in the U.S.; build something better and future-proof.
  • Do more of what you’re great at.

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See you next week, in the bunker!