Join hosts Dave Evans, CEO of Fictiv, and journalist and writer, Philip Stoten in The Supply Chain Bunker as they discuss supply chain disruptions, manufacturing leadership, and getting your war footing.

Our first guest was Scott Miller, CEO of Dragon Innovation, an Avnet Company that helps brands manage their manufacturing processes and supply chains from innovation to volume. Since the first news broke in China, Scott and his global team have been working around the clock to deal with supply chain changes. Scott shared his own experiences and insights and joined us in talking through the issues of the day, the disruptions seen, tactics for mitigation, and the future of manufacturing supply chains.

Key takeaways:

  • A small disruption can have a huge effect, you need every part to build a product.
  • Supply chains can have too much reliance on “tent-pole” vendors or part, if they fall, everything falls.
  • You need a plan B and a plan C, as we’re in very unpredictable times - create a “prevention, detection, response” plan for each part.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify – simpler supply chains have less to go wrong.
  • Furthering of the digital transformation - software helps! Have data ready ahead of time, a crisis in not a time to learn, it’s a time to act.
  • Sometime lean and ‘just-in-time’ are the enemy of a robust secure supply chain.
  • Life after COVID-19, and our manufacturing supply chains, will not be the same.

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See you next week, in the bunker!