Manufacturing parts overseas can be an overwhelming process, but there are effective strategies to streamline the experience. 96% of respondents to our 2020 State of Manufacturing survey said their companies are working to increase the agility of their supply chain.

Our team of logistics & international supply chain experts is here to help! Join this expert panel webinar to learn best practices in international logistics, global supply chain management, and quality assurance when manufacturing overseas. 

Walk away with tangible insights on how to:

  • Overcome current supply chain obstacles and troubleshoot logistical pain points between freight carriers and U.S. Customs
  • Use split-order strategies and manage overseas manufacturing transit times to ensure your parts get through U.S. Customs smoothly
  • Protect yourself against liability and IP protection risks
  • Find reliable manufacturing partners you can trust to meet quality standards
  • Choose the best domestic or overseas manufacturing option that meets your specific needs