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Three years ago, I embarked on a journey with my brother to transform the way people discover and access tools for hardware development and manufacturing. We named our company Fictiv, which means “created by imagination.”

Today, Fictiv launches its CNC machining service, providing customers with precision parts fabricated and delivered in just 3 days, all using the same simple interface that powers Fictiv’s 3D printing service. For more details on the CNC service features, check out this post.

This milestone is incredibly significant for the company, and for me personally, because it shows that with passion and grit, we’ve been able to not only build the best 3D printing service available, but the beginnings of a transformative manufacturing platform.

To truly transform an age-old industry like manufacturing is no small feat—we’ve been producing physical goods more or less the same way for decades. But with such an emergence of innovative products, the system we use to build those products must evolve as well. Manufacturing must become more agile and efficient.

Fictiv has grown from a company of two, to over 25 amazing team members today, each person fueling the company with the same passion and grit my brother and I started with. I’m incredibly grateful and inspired each day. As a growing team, we’re going to continue to build the best tools for engineers and designers who strive to build the best products. We’re going to provide streamlined access to cutting edge manufacturing technologies, so hardware companies can innovate at an accelerated pace.

This is just the beginning—come build with us.