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Grace Sperry, Head of Talent at Fictiv

In 2021, the Fictiv team grew by 81% year-over-year. This wouldn’t have been possible without our phenomenal recruiting team and the woman that leads it, Grace Sperry. Grace is our Head of Talent Acquisition and since becoming a Fictor, she has been an influential member of the team.

What is a women’s empowerment moment that impacted you?

Grace:  The first time I saw my VP of Talent Acquisition, a woman, have a real seat at the table with other C level executives in a large organization.

Who are some women you’ve looked up to?

Grace:  My mother and several high powered women I have reported to in my career.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Grace: Women’s History Month to me means helping women understand their sense of self worth and reminding them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. The hardwork women put in is often overlooked so insuring they’re celebrated for their accomplishments is also extremely important to me.

Grace Sperry, Head of Talent at Fictiv, quote for Women's History Month

What advice would you give other women looking to build a career in your field?

Grace: Work hard, be confident and strive to be well rounded.  Always look for ways of improvement and keep an open mind. Fictiv’s core values align perfectly with the advice I give women looking to building a career within my field: maintain a creator spirit, have a service mentality, always seek to learn and have grit!

How has Fictiv played a supportive part in women’s empowerment?

Grace: At Fictiv, several of our leadership positions are represented by women and as we continue to grow, there is more and more women in power.

To learn more about life and careers at Fictiv, visit fictiv.com/careers.