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How to configure masking requirements in a Fictiv quote


As of today, you can now add masking and plugging to your orders using the Fictiv platform!

This time-saving feature allows you to simply and quickly indicate holes to be plugged and surfaces to be masked when configuring a post-production finish on the Fictiv platform. Through our best in class auto-quoting experience, you get quotes in less time so you can make procurement decisions and receive parts faster — allowing for higher success at achieving your desired timelines.

How to select a masking type in a Fictiv quote

Fig. 2

With this new capability, you can specify holes and surfaces that require masking or plugging prior to anodization, paint, and other finish coatings. Simply configure for your specified finishing process, and the new ‘Masking’ dialog box will appear. To add masking, select the button highlighted in Fig.1 (‘Add Masking’ button), then add ‘Hole plugging/masking’ and/or ‘Liquid surface masking’ (Fig.2).

Pro-Tip: to learn more about masking and Fictiv’s finishing capabilities check out our Ultimate Guide to Finishing CNC Machined Parts.

After uploading your design, our platform intelligently analyzes the 2D drawing attached to the part (required) for any annotations or call-outs for masking on the part. From there, the platform instantly updates lead time and cost to reflect your masking requirements. Happy Masking!

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No matter how complex your design or your masking and finishing requirements, Fictiv can help! We’re your operating system for custom manufacturing that makes part procurement faster, easier, and more efficient. In other words, Fictiv lets engineers, like you, engineer — instead of spending precious time sourcing, vetting, onboarding, and managing suppliers.

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