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Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem will leverage carbon offsets to reduce environmental impact and fight climate change

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 01, 2020 – As part of a concerted effort to standardize sustainability measures within global manufacturing, Fictiv today unveiled a new carbon neutral shipping program to offset the environmental footprint of transportation-generated carbon emissions.  Fictiv has partnered with Dot Neutral to calculate emissions related to shipping activities, such as package delivery, and automatically pair them with carbon credits generated by The Bethel Wind Farm in Castro County, Texas.

“At Fictiv, we believe sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity,” said Nate Evans, CXO and Co-founder of Fictiv. “Our vision is to make it easier for product developers to choose sustainable manufacturing options through our digital ecosystem. This new partnership with Dot Neutral serves as a critical step on our path towards building a more sustainable business and planet.”

A recent study by CE Delft found that the shipping industry could be responsible for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 if the industry does not take action. Carbon offsets are a mechanism used to fund projects that remove or prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Offsets seek to establish a one-to-one exchange of human-emitted carbon with projects that sequester carbon from the atmosphere. All of the projects listed at Dot Neutral are hand selected and verified offsets and are registered with the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), American Carbon Registry (ACR), or Verra (VCS).

About Fictiv
Fictiv offers manufacturing agility and speed through a portfolio of optimized manufacturing processes for hardware companies of all sizes. Its Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem combines an easy-to-use cloud platform; design, quoting, billing and logistics systems; and an intelligent orchestration engine that manages a network of highly vetted and monitored manufacturing partners that together deliver high-quality mechanical parts at unprecedented speeds. The ecosystem is supported by “boots-on-the-ground” experts to manage programs, inspect quality, and provide ​DfM ​guidance along the way. Over the last six years, Fictiv has manufactured more than 10M parts for early-stage companies and large enterprises alike, helping them innovate with agility and increase supply chain predictability. www.fictiv.com