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San Francisco, CA – June 19th, 2018 – Fictiv today announced its new landmark Agile Manufacturing Solution (AMS), a suite of production manufacturing services for supply chain and engineering teams who need fast, quality end-use parts at high volumes of 100 – 500,000 units. AMS is available today at fictiv.com/agile.

Fictiv’s AMS is designed to make overseas manufacturing more accessible and responsive to shifting market demands, with industry-first features like instant pricing and automated manufacturability feedback for injection molding and high-volume CNC machining services. With the opening of a new headquarters in Guangzhou, China, Fictiv applies its founding principles of efficiency, transparency, and customer-first service experience to AMS, powered by Fictiv’s proprietary cloud-based systems to manage complex data flows. As a result, product teams benefit from a faster, more streamlined way to get parts manufactured domestically or overseas.

“The realities of today’s antiquated manufacturing processes do not align with the demands of modern rapid product design cycles,” said Fictiv CEO and Co-founder Dave Evans. “Many products never make it out onto the shelves because of high upfront costs, minimum order requirements, or delays in working with overseas manufacturing partners. Fictiv’s new AMS unlocks access to high quality manufacturing in China, enabling more products to get to market quickly, affordably and at scale.”

AMS gives product teams access to the same fast, reliable service experience available with Fictiv’s original Rapid Prototyping Solution. With AMS, Fictiv is poised to challenge traditionally veiled, slow-moving overseas manufacturing systems and usher in a new era of transparent, quick-response contract manufacturing.

Fictiv’s AMS delivers the following features:

  • Instant baseline pricing and proprietary automated DFM systems for CNC machining and injection molding;
  • Online order tracking for visibility on order production and shipment status;
  • Vetted overseas supply base with specialization in rapid-response manufacturing, through Fictiv’s headquarters in Guangzhou, China;
  • Intelligent routing system to capture project design intent and pair requirements with vetted manufacturing partners who have the right capabilities;
  • U.S. and China-based service teams to manage communications and quality control with manufacturers, led by managers with combined 50+ years industry experience;
  • ISO 9001-certified quality management systems to standardized quality assurance across all manufacturing partners;

This combination of intelligent automation and access to Fictiv’s manufacturing network shaves months off of traditional volume manufacturing timelines. For example, Fictiv can produce a P20 steel tool capable of molding 100,000 units in just 2 weeks.

“This expansion of our virtual manufacturing platform is a natural way to address customer demand for a single partner to manage their manufacturing requirements from development through production,” continued Evans. “With AMS, Fictiv is now an end-to-end manufacturing solution for product teams, solving for their needs in a way that is unprecedented in the manufacturing industry.”

To learn more about Fictiv Agile Manufacturing, visit www.fictiv.com/agile