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SAN FRANCISCO, August 18, 2022 – Fictiv, the operating system for custom manufacturing, has recently promoted Jim Ruga to chief information officer (CIO). In this role, Ruga is part of Fictiv’s C-Level executive leadership team, driving the maturation of the company and is directly responsible for the digital transformation of its technology. 

Ruga joined Fictiv in 2016 as chief architect, working closely with co-founder and chief experience officer Nate Evans, to build the company’s platform and develop the overall architecture and infrastructure, and ensure all manufactured products align with Fictiv’s broader business goals. Since joining, Ruga has spearheaded the migration of both in-house hosted and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) infrastructures into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and created initial processing pipelines and frameworks for analyzing and storing customer-uploaded files to provide real-time manufacturing design feedback.

In this new role, Ruga will continue designing multiple components of the Fictiv cloud-based platform and shaping how these new aspects will integrate into the existing business. In addition to his continued technical responsibilities, Ruga also is further expanding Fictiv’s overall technical team. 

“As soon as I met Jim, I knew he’d make an immediate, positive impact on the Fictiv team,” said Evans. “He’s proven he’s an expert in technical management and engineering, and we’re confident he can keep growing our strategic vision and continue to advance our engineering architecture.” 

Prior to joining Fictiv, Ruga held leadership positions in areas of computer-aided design, CNC programming, and business transformation through new technology with several Fortune 500 companies. He’s most proud of pivoting his career from the mechanical engineering domain to the software engineering domain, where he held leadership positions in technological transformation using Application Programming Interface (API) management, real-time ad serving systems, media and content management systems, and secure payment management systems. Most notably, Ruga was director of engineering, API Management Solutions at Mashery, which was later acquired by Intel, and is now known as TIBCO Mashery.

“Fictiv has given me the opportunity to take my mechanical engineering background and repurpose it for the software engineering space,” said Ruga. “I’m excited to step into this role as it gives me the opportunity to develop a team, help people build solid careers, and work amongst those with passion and excellence.” 

Ruga continues, “I’m a huge fan of working with colleagues who are motivated by personal learning, and with the attitude, drive and willingness to seek out information. Those are the kind of people Fictiv hires and that’s what makes this company a success and a great place to work.”

IT infrastructure leader Jim Ruga has been named Fictiv’s chief information officer, leading the maturation of the company and is directly responsible for the digital transformation of its technology.

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About Fictiv

Fictiv is the operating system (OS) for custom manufacturing that makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to source and supply mechanical parts. Its intelligent OS, supported by best-in-class operations talent, orchestrates a network of highly vetted and managed partners around the globe for fast, high-quality manufacturing, from quote to delivery. To date, Fictiv has manufactured more than 20 million parts for early-stage companies and large enterprises alike, helping them innovate with agility and get products to market faster.