When we shared our last international logistics update on October 1, we announced that overseas orders placed on the Fictiv platform are now being delivered within 3-5 days, and this continues to be the case. Orders with a value under $800 are subject to express Customs clearance, and in general, they are being delivered within 3 days. We anticipate those lead times remaining stable for the rest of 2020.

Fictiv Updates

As the holiday season begins, and major hardware companies release new hardware (like Apple’s new iPhones), we know that overseas ports will start getting more congested. However, unlike back in March, we view this as simply another high season. Fictiv customers can be confident that we’ll maintain our transit times.

Guidance for Fictiv Customers

If you have a time-sensitive part order, you could consider splitting your orders and placing an order for local production for your time-sensitive parts, as well as an overseas order for longer lead time parts. 

Be sure to provide a detailed explanation of your parts and the product where those parts will be installed (the end use), which helps Customs expedite the release of the shipment. Remember to finish checkout, pay for your order, and continue to the next screen to complete your Customs information. 

If your parts are for a prototype, click that box. If your parts are for commercial end use, click that box. The screen images below will guide you through the additional information you need to complete. 

Fictiv required Customs information
Fictiv required Customs information: part description and end use

The Fictiv platform now recognizes when your orders qualify for a free-of-charge upgrade to DDP terms. If your order qualifies as DDP, Fictiv will take care of all the importation processes for you, making the process of ordering parts overseas much easier for you.  When your orders qualify for DDP upgrade, you only need to provide a detailed description of the parts and the end use. 

Main Takeaways

We anticipate our transit times for overseas orders to remain stable in the 3-5 day range, with orders under $800 frequently being delivered within 3 days. As the high season for international order begins, Fictiv’s logistics team is here to support you. With our DDP service upgrade, we’re trying to make the process of ordering parts internationally as easy as possible for you. We’ll be closely watching state and federal government actions regarding the COVID pandemic and measuring transit times daily.

Take a look at our webinar recap blog post and our on-demand webinar recording, which focused on many different aspects of overseas manufacturing, including logistics, process, quality control, and control of IP when manufacturing goods overseas.