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Today, we’re excited to announce our new Live Annotation feature on the platform. This provides immediate manufacturing feedback from Fictiv engineers, giving you direct access to the best manufacturing insight.

CAD model 3D viewer

Simply upload your part, get an instant quote, and now view feature-specific feedback provided by our engineers. The annotations occur directly within the web-based 3D viewer, allowing for a new level of precision and speed compared to traditional feedback methods.

This feature addresses considerations such as wall thickness, internal radii, hole tapping, and more.

Fictiv CAD model 3D viewer live annotation

The Live Annotation feature offers three types of feedback:

  • Required: changes necessary for manufacturing, like remedying sharp internal corners or undercuts
  • Recommended: recommendations for optimal performance, such as adjusting wall thickness or adding a radius
  • Question: questions from our prototyping engineers like confirming hole tapping or surface finishing

It also allows you to chat in-app with Fictiv prototyping engineers to ask and answer questions, quickly and efficiently.

Fictiv manufacturing chat system

Existing methods to communicate DFM (Design for Manufacturing) on the market are, well, a bit old-fashioned. Usually engineers have to work with basic communication tools like email, phone and PowerPoint; while flexible, these tools can be time-consuming and inefficient.

By combining the best of computer automation with machining knowledge, the Live Annotation feature is designed to reduce iterations, save time, and increase your productivity.

This feature is one of the first in a series of tools on the Fictiv platform to optimize your design process for both speed and quality. Happy building!