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precision injection molding

The Challenge: Tight-Tolerance Parts That Check All the Boxes

In the medical industry, a few millimeters or microns can make the difference between an injection molded part that’s functional and a quality assurance failure. Precision injection molding can produce the tight-tolerance parts that the medical industry requires, but the tools can cost more and take longer to fabricate. Problems with polymer selection and plastic processing can result in excessive part shrinkage, and inadequate injection molding pressure can cause defects that affect part geometry.

The Solution: Injection Molding Through Fictiv

Fictiv has the expertise to provide medical companies with precision injection molding from prototyping to design validation to production. When you request a quote from us, you’ll receive design for manufacturing feedback (DFM) that can help you to avoid costly mistakes. Your precision mold is expertly machined and you can get T1 samples in as little as two weeks. Along with dimensional verification, these samples let you see the actual surface finish for your part.      

Fictiv’s expertise extends to tolerance analysis for design validation for part features with multiple tolerances, and for parts that are used within larger assemblies. Narrower shrinkage ranges support tighter tolerances, but the right equipment is also essential because, during the injection molding process, higher pressures are related to lower shrinkage for greater dimensional accuracy.

precision medical injection molding

Not every injection molder supports this type of precision, but Fictiv can meet medical industry requirements and comply with FDA regulations while adding greater value right from the start.

The Impact: Precision Parts That Speed Time-to-Market

Choose Fictiv for precision injection molded parts that use quality tooling, the best materials and equipment, and that help you to advance new product introductions (NPI) quickly and with quality. At Fictiv, we’re ready to provide the resources, know-how, and product network to deliver the medical products that you need. Learn more about our injection molding services, or create an account and request a quote if you’re ready to get started.