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With CES 2020 coming to a close last week, we saw the best gadgets and biggest technology drivers that the consumer electronics industry has to offer. The latest news from this week focused on predictions for the new year and decade looking ahead to what trends could become the most important.

  • According to DesignNews, a recent survey gauging public perception of manufacturing in the United States had some good news for manufacturers: Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012, for the purposes of the survey) looks more positively on manufacturing than preceding generations and is more inclined to consider a career in the industry.
  • IndustryWeek digs into three ways that manufacturing will be impacted by technology, thanks to 5G, B-2-B-2-C business models, and artificial intelligence.
  • You can also hear from Fictiv’s own CEO Dave Evans on the Six Key Takeaways from CES this week in Forbes. As always, Dave is focused on innovation and how things get made, as well as calling out a few major technology trends.
  • Now that it’s 2020, Noah Ready-Campbell asks what many are wondering: where are all of the robots? He explains that smart robots that we have been expecting for years are actually already here.
  • ABI Research recently unveiled its 54 – yes, 54! – Technology Trends to Watch in 2020. The list outlines their predictions for what will happen this year… or not. Get the short overview on Thomas in Predicting the Top Tech Trends in 2020 [Part 1].
  • Thomas also looks into CafeX, the latest in robotics that could change the way you buy your next cup of coffee. We are seeing some amazing trends and applications in robotics right now, with the industry slated to grow by close to 400% this decade.
  • And while we’re on robotics, check out the 7 Industrial IoT Startups You Should Watch in 2020. How far are we from robots building robots and 3D Printers printing 3D Printers? Innovation really is a beautiful thing.
  • Recapping last year, Global Trade Magazine shares the Top 10 States for Manufacturing 2019. From incentives and low tax rates to education programs that encourage students to consider manufacturing careers, these states are leading the country in manufacturing.
  • And finally, for sheer innovation, check out Mojo Vision’s augmented reality contact lenses that give your eyes superpowers. Using a display the size of a grain of sand to project images onto the retina, this startup could help everyone from firefighters to people with poor vision.

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