Payam Varshoei

I am a Sr. Product Manager here at Fictiv with a mission to make the experience of our Injection Molding customers on Fictiv platform, frictionless and delightful. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. I became a software product manager almost a decade ago, after years of engineering work in automotive and medical device industries. I realized I was spending most of my time using different software tools and online platforms, as an engineer. I learned how building, optimizing, automating and integrating such tools impact a users' day to day life. So, that became my new interest and inspiration. At Fictiv, our goal is to address our customers' complex manufacturing needs, through guided expertise and full transparency over the process. Being an engineer and having had years of first hand experience with Injection Molding in the past has been the drive for me to empathically and obsessively seek innovative ways to improve our customers' experience while they work on their projects on Fictiv platform.

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Design Validation That’s Disrupting Injection Molding

Your Guide to Fictiv’s Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Process When plastic part designs reach a certain level of maturity, manufacturing methods like 3D printing and CNC machining can fall short on delivering high-caliber parts in the time (and at the cost) required. That’s why — due to its ability to quickly and cost effectively scale […]