360 brass cnc machining material

At a Glance


Lead Time

Finish Options




3 days (rush)
5-7 days (standard)
Available as-machined, media blasted, or hand-polished
With drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm
No drawing: ISO 2768 medium
gears, lock components, pipe fittings, and ornamental applications

About the Material

360 Brass is also known as free machining brass, due to it having the highest amount of lead content of any brass alloy. This excellent machinability comes with minimal tool wear. It is commonly used for a variety of parts such as gears, lock components, pipe fittings, and ornamental applications.

Material Properties

360 Brass

Yield Strength (tensile)

Elongation at Break




McMaster Part Number

15,000 psi
Rockwell B35
0.307 lbs / cu. in.
1650° F

Material Finish

Design Recommendations

Min Wall Thickness

Min End Mill Size

Min Drill Size

Max Part Size


Radii : Depth

0.5 mm
0.8 mm
(0.03 in)
0.5 mm
(0.02 in)
1200 x 500 x 152 mm [x,y,z] (mill) 

152 x 394 mm 
[d,h] (lathe)
Square profile, full radius, dovetail profiles
Depth must not exceed 12x drill bit diameter.
For end mills, depth must not exceed 10x tool diameter.

Cost Saving Tip

To reduce costs, limit the number of part setups, the number of inspection dimensions or tight tolerances, and deep pockets with small radii.

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