About the team

Industry: CNC Milling & Turning

Location: San Jose, CA

Why Fictiv

Customer challenges: Additional stream of revenue to fill production gaps

Result: Over $250,000 in revenue in 12 months

Goose Manufacturing
Goose Manufacturing
Goose Manufacturing

A Fast-Growing Silicon Valley Machine Shop

Like many shop-owners, Don Goossens has always had a precise vision for just how things should be done. This vision led him to open his own machine shop, Goose Manufacturing, over 20 years ago in San Jose, California. Goose Manufacturing quickly earned a reputation as a trusted shop for complex milling and turning services, with a dedication to speed and customer service. 

“Back in 1997 when I started the business, we were just coming up on the Dot Com Era,” recalls Don. “Those first few years we grossed over 2 million dollars. My business went instantly from a small shop to a medium sized shop — it was daunting.”

Goose Manufacturing

The Dot Com Crash Hits Hard

Just as revenue was soaring on the wave of rapid growth in Silicon Valley, the business was hit hard by the historic Dot Com Crash. 

“We really had to downsize and re-evaluate the way we did work and who we did work for,” Don shares. “It went to a point where we just survived.” 

In a testament to Don’s resilience and fortitude, he was able to restructure his business, adapt to this changing industry landscape, and keep his doors open.

Goose Manufacturing

Adapting to a New Online Era

The manufacturing landscape today is still changing, as more and more customers turn to online services to support rapid development efforts.

 “When I met Fictiv a few years ago, it really opened my eyes to how business is being done with this younger generation and the online platforming,” Don says. “The [Fictiv] interface, between how work is sent, processed, and payed for — it’s so well streamlined.”

Goose Manufacturing

As a Fictiv Manufacturing Partner, Don’s shop regularly receives pre-paid work from Fictiv — with no bidding or membership fees — that aligns with his shop’s capabilities and keeps machines busy that would otherwise sit idle.

“What really helps is I don’t have down time in my machinery,” adds Don. “When I do, it just seems Fictiv is there and that downtime is mitigated.”

Partnering for Sustained Growth

Since partnering with Fictiv, Goose Manufacturing has dramatically increased revenue, powering sustained growth. 

“With the simplicity of the online manufacturing platform, we were able to capture work regularly over the course of 12 months and it turned out to be just a little under a quarter million dollars,” says Don. “That enabled us to purchase another piece of equipment to continue to do the work we do for Fictiv.”

Goose Manufacturing
Don working with his wife Rosemary

With his commitment to precision quality, wide range of capabilities, and long-standing experience across defense, aerospace, and medical industries, Don was an obvious fit for the Fictiv Manufacturing Network and adds tremendous value. 

Machine shops of all sizes can benefit from joining Fictiv’s Manufacturing Network to increase revenue, reduce overhead, and growth their business. Get in touch with a Fictiv rep today to apply!