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Manufacturing Processes


How to Prototype Rubber Designs

When I began studying engineering, prototyping involved expensive machining and milling individual pieces after careful CNC programming (of course, back then, the GameCube was hot stuff, and GoldenEye on N64 still a fun way to pass a weekend). The first 3D printer I saw used inkjet printing technology, squirting glue over consecutive layers of sand—but […]


9 Tips for Better Engineering Drawings that Save Time and Money

Engineering drawings are a great way to communicate design intent for CNC machined parts that require tight tolerances or other special requirements. Many of our customers in robotics, aerospace, automotive, and medical device industries attach drawings to their parts when uploading to the Fictiv platform. That said, not all engineers receive comprehensive training on how […]


CNC Periodic Table of Elements

Fictiv’s CNC machining service provides parts in just 3 days, via our simple online interface. In addition to powering hardware teams with the best fabrication services, we think it’s really important to support development with prototyping and manufacturing knowledge. Our awesome design and manufacturing teams teamed up to create a visual representation of the foundational […]


CNC Design Guide

Fictiv’s CNC Design Guide helps hardware designers and developers control costs and ensure quality CNC drilling, milling, and turning outcomes.


The CNC Periodic Table of Elements Poster Giveaway Contest is Back!

We received so much great feedback on our CNC Periodic Table of Elements the first time around, so we’re giving away more posters! And this time around, we’re not just giving away a few posters… we’re doling out 10 posters every day for the next 2 weeks. Enter to win a free CNC Periodic Table […]


Finishing Metal Parts Glossary

While the tool marks left on metal parts produced using CNC machining services are visually appealing to some, in many cases, some additional post-processing may be desired or even required. There are a variety of finishes that one can use to add functionality or aesthetic appeal to parts, and the glossary below will help you […]

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