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Manufacturing Processes


Introducing 3-Day CNC Machining on the Fictiv Platform

If you’ve used CNC machining to fabricate parts, you’re familiar with the lengthy back-and-forth email chains, complicated drawings, and long lead times waiting for machines to free up—it’s a lot to manage. The process to get parts CNC machined on time and to spec can be frustrating, time-consuming, and unpredictable. That’s about to change. Today, […]


Building the Future of Democratized Manufacturing

Three years ago, I embarked on a journey with my brother to transform the way people discover and access tools for hardware development and manufacturing. We named our company Fictiv, which means “created by imagination.” Today, Fictiv launches its CNC machining service, providing customers with precision parts fabricated and delivered in just 3 days, all […]


5 Options for Building Large Scale Prototypes

3D printing is a fantastic solution for building fast, cheap prototypes. Small enclosures? Piece of cake. 5 variations of a door handle? No problem. But what happens when your dimensions surpass that of a 3D printer build bed? Here are a few alternative methods for building prototypes larger than 1-2 ft. 1. 2-Dimensional Cutters CNC […]


4 Considerations to Help You Choose Between Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Methods

Methods Overview There’s a telling quote attributed to the great Renaissance artist, poet, and subtractive manufacturer, Michelangelo. When asked how he created his masterpiece David from a large chunk of marble, he remarked that he simply “chipped away at all of the stone that doesn’t look like David.” As engineers and artists, before we can […]

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